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Argentina's Soccer League
Year 2001/02 Tournament (Torneos Apertura 2001/Clausura 2002)

Links to 2nd Division (Nacional B - Interior) Teams Websites


Club Atlético
Alte. Brown (Arrecifes)

Club Soc. y Dep.
Atlético Rafaela

Atlético Tucumán

Club Atlético
Gimnasia y Esgrima (CDU)

Club AtléticoGimnasia y Esgrima (Jujuy)

Club AtléticoGodoy Cruz Antonio Tomba

Club Atlético
Independiente Rivadavia

Instituto Atlético
Central Cordoba

Club Atlético
Juventud Antoniana (Salta)

Club Olimpo
(Bahía Blanca)

Club Atlético
Racing (Córdoba)

Club Atlético
San Martín (Mendoza)

Club Atlético
San Martín (San Juan)

Club Atlético
San Martín (Tucumán)  

Club Villa Mitre
(Bahía Blanca)



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 (All images taken from TyC Sports Website and Futbol Interior Website)